What is expand.network?

All of DeFi in One Unified API

expand.network offers a single unified API for accessing all of DeFi.

expand.network's middleware API allows clients to transact and source on-chain data from over 100 distinct DeFi endpoints, including DEXs, bridges, lending protocols, yield aggregators, oracles, NFTs, and stablecoins.

Simplify blockchain interactions, build efficiently, and access on-chain data with an abstracted connector API.

We currently support the following blockchains:

In addition, we currently support the following DeFi protocols:

All transactions are securely signed on your end, so your private key remains with you and never comes to us over API. We do not hold your crypto at any point: your keys, your crypto. Our APIs are a one-stop shop for you to make the enquiries and conduct the transactions as you want.

We provide two high-level categories for the simplicity of developers.

  • Blockchains - Communicate with the various public blockchains to pull real-time information about blocks, transactions, slots (storage), balance, and many more. This can also be used to sign and send transactions to the chain. For example, if you need to check the transaction for the given transaction hash from Solana as well as the Binance smart chain, you need not learn about two different web3 libraries (Solana and BSC), you can easily do it using our common API endpoint, gettransaction.

  • Protocols - There are multiple protocols available on the various chains. expand.network aims to provide interaction with a maximum of them based on various subcategories (Please refer to the categories section for details). For example, if you need to check the swap price of Token A to Token B on Uniswap V3 and Sushiswap, you need not learn about two different protocols, they can easily do it using our common API, getprice.

Good to know: expand.network is a wrapper across the various available web3 blockchains and protocols.

FYI: Our API responses are provided in the smallest unit of measurement for each respective item.

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