Getting Started

Learn how to send transactions using our SDK

Follow these steps to start using our SDK today!!

Step1: Clone the repository

This can be done using the following command:
git clone https://github.com/expand-network/sdk-nodejs.git
Install the project dependencies using the following command:
npm i

Step2: File creation

Once Step1 has been completed, the user can create a javascript file in the root directory and subsequently insert the provided code into the file in order to execute a transaction on the Ethereum network.
const {signTransaction,sendTransaction} = require('./src/index');
async function transfer() {
const rawTransaction = await signTransaction({
value: '1', // in wei
gas: '50000',
privateKey: 'YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY',
xApiKey : 'YOUR_API_KEY',
chainId : "1" // 5 for goerli
}).then(rawTransaction => sendTransaction({
rawTransaction: rawTransaction.rawTransaction,
xApiKey : 'YOUR_API_KEY',
chainId:"1" // 5 for goerli
})).then(res => console.log(res));
Upon completion of the transaction, the user will be provided with the transaction hash.
For further details, please refer here.