Wallet Connect v2

Wallet Connect provides developer toolkits to help you connect your wallet with hundreds of DApps. All the key features of the expand API via Wallet Connect will help users to easily set up support for various EVM and Non-EVM chains and protocols.

It is as easy as approving the session, setting response, to enable the requests sent from a DApp that is powered by expand’s API.

Top wallets include:

  1. Metamask

  2. Trust Wallet

  3. Safe

  4. Rainbow

  5. Uniswap Wallet

  6. Zerion

  7. imToken

  8. Argent

  9. Spot

  10. Bitget Wallet

  11. Crypto.com | DeFi Wallet

  12. OKX Wallet

  13. TokenPocket

  14. Robinhood Wallet

  15. Frontier

and many more...

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