Trading Features’s API offers a wide range of endpoint capabilities. The integration of the below mentioned advanced trading features through our API empowers traders with greater control and customization but also contributes to the overall efficiency and security of transactions.

These features play a crucial role to meet the diverse needs for trading, as these provide a competitive edge in the dynamic and ever evolving ecosystem of digital asset trading.

  1. Transaction Decoder

A "decoded transaction" details key aspects of a blockchain transaction, including recipient and sender addresses, amount, gas limit, data payload, chain ID, signature components(v, r, s), transaction hash, type, asset changes, and function call specifics.

  1. Gas Fee Parameter

This feature empowers users with the ability to customize gas fees according to their preferences, selecting from low, medium, or high settings.

  1. Slippage

This feature allows users to specify the slippage percentage for their transaction. 0 <= slippage value <= 10

  1. Price Discovery with Dex & Aggregators

This feature allow users to compare prepared aggregated swaps and quotes across multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

  1. Liquidity Provisioning

These features allow users to contribute their assets to a liquidity pool, enabling them to earn LP tokens, and/or withdraw their share of assets from a liquidity pool, thereby reclaiming their contributed funds.

  1. Trade Reconciliation

Access and aggregate transaction and gas fee data within specific block ranges for trades, including querying smart contracts, reconciling token transfers and ownership, verifying NFT ownership, and obtaining historical logs for addresses or NFT collections, for efficient and comprehensive reconciliation.

  1. Bloxroute

This feature allows users to send transactions using the "bdn transaction".

By utilising the bloxroute RPC, it speeds up the transaction process.

  1. MEV Protection

This parameter will enable users to perform MEV protected transactions on Ethereum mainnet, be it swapping, token transferring, liquidity provisioning and will be achieved using Flashbots.

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